August 25, 2017

W H E N  Y O U  L E T  G O,  S O M E T H I G  S T A R T S  T O  S H I F T 

How did I prepare to let go? 

The feeling of need to change and moving on was so strong within me that I could not ignore it. 

I approached the feeling with curiosity and interest as if it was an unknown subject. I threw a bunch of questions at it, tried to connect with it and examine it. For example I asked: Why are you here? What can I do for you? Why do I feel the way I feel? I needed to be honest with myself and explain in details how I really felt. And what I really felt was unhappy, lonely, disinterested, imbalanced, disconnected, lost, tired etc. And then I went deeper into it... "Why do I feel tired? What makes me feel lonely? What exactly am I disconnected from? etc." I played it all in my head putting the puzzle pieces together. In this case I was the puzzle needed to be worked on and the answers followed within minutes. Some answers and realisations came later, in...

August 22, 2017


Hello everyone!

An amazing thing has happened! After writing my first post my eczema spots on my palm disappeared! They came out about a month ago, they weren't too bad, just a few dry & red funny spots, and they are gone now. I noticed I felt a certain happy relief, calmness and confidence that "I am on the right track" within me when I was writing the first post so it can be that some healing has happened inside of me. 

I aim to write longer on the underlined phrases in my first blog post. Let's get to the point!

BIG city. London. 11 years.

I find it important where you are from, where you are now and where you are going. Everything shapes you. Everything has a reason. Sometimes we don't find much reasoning even after deep digging/ thinking but if you listen to your inner voice, you'll find out enough that you need for the now. And maybe in the future you will find more and you can put the pieces together to make sens...

August 11, 2017

Welcome everyone! 

I am finally launching my blog which has been in the back of my head for quite a while. I work less hours in the last 3 weeks of leaving my daily job and leaving the BIG city life a.k.a London, UK after 11 years (!!!) so I could save some energy to collect my thoughts and get the visuals ready for the website. I may not leave London forever after all I do have my small creative enterprise set up in the process (half way through the officials) but I feel it is time for me to take a break from what I have been doing until now and focus more on my soulful work which is writing. And by writing I mean sharing my story, my experience, my observations, my wisdom, my humour, my feelings and all sorts of other things that need to come out of me. 

My main focus will evolve around my TWIN FLAME journey with what I aim to inspire others to trust and believe in their connections. Feelings are here for a reason. Embrace them! Let them lead you, let them teach you! :)...

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7 islands 7 chakras

Click here to buy the book inspired by my Canary Islands journey. The book contains selected photos and introductory information on the chakra system and its importance in our body. 


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