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The present.

I am an awakened Twin Flame who launched my website and youtube channel after I let go of my twin and old ways of living in the city that did not serve my higher self anymore. Until I find a new place where I feel I belong I am travelling and documenting my journey.

I am a keen observer of human behaviour, synchronicities, and soul connections. I encourage others to trust their passion, intuition, and feelings and allow themselves to learn and grow with the experience. There are no mistakes, only lessons! :)

The past.

I used to work in the creative fields of fashion, which I embraced with passion, curiosity, and high hopes to utilize my skills and talents until I experienced the un-human and ungrateful side of the industry. After many years of believing I was going somewhere by the side of fashion stylists, creative directors, and A-list designers I dropped the idea of building a career, and instead, I turned toward healing and started to study Life Coaching, NLP, nutrition, and energy. As a result of changing my priorities in life, I became a more balanced and confident young woman. My body became cleaner from the clutter of feelings and toxins, which made me highly sensitive to the vibration around me. The rest is still evolving.


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