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I am finally launching my blog which has been in the back of my head for quite a while. I work fewer hours in the last 3 weeks of leaving my daily job and leaving the BIG city life a.k.a London after 11 years (!!!) so I could save some energy to collect my thoughts and get the visuals ready for the website. I may not leave London forever, after all, I do have my small creative enterprise set up in the process (halfway through the officials) but I feel it is time for me to take a break from what I have been doing until now and focus more on my soul-satisfying work which is writing. And by writing I mean sharing my story, my experience, my observations, my wisdom, my humour, my feelings, and all sorts of other things that need to come out of me.

My main focus will evolve around my TWIN FLAME journey with which I aim to inspire others to trust and believe in their connections. Feelings are here for a reason. Embrace them! Let them lead you, let them teach you. I have a whole bunch of stories and synchronistic signs, and events that I am excited to share with you. I may swing between the past and present as I plan to document my upcoming travel journey with photos and videos while talking about past events that led me to this point of moving on.

I will try not to write too long but get to the point in videos that are more suitable for this fast pace curious world (no offense, I got that!). I have to admit I am more collected in writing than in talking. You can check my first video for example. Grrr... I am, however, committed to improving, finding my voice and confidence in front of the camera, and also getting better with the technical stuff so stay with me if you want to be part of my constructive development.

Now TWIN FLAMES and what I am talking about in my first video...

I met my twin in October 2015 when he became my flatmate and just a year later I met the term TWIN FLAME. I was alone for one year figuring out why I had such intense feelings for someone who I barely know. I was trying to figure out how that was possible to experience such a high uplifting "we're gonna show the world what love is all about" feeling and "I can't move from the emotional pain lying on the floor crying" feeling. My twin pretended to be someone else (his ego) that I didn't see in him. I didn't understand why he wore a mask. His big egoistic persona really confused me. I don't tolerate a lack of integrity and I can smell a lie like a shark smells blood. I reacted to who he was on a soul level which scared him and chased him into denial. My eyes look through to the soul and I could read him with ease. I needed a big pile of patience spiced with humour to deal with him. The energies between us a.k.a my feminine/ my love for him and his masculine/ his anger for me were so intense that I believed it was part of the reason he moved out 7 months later. Since then we've been in separation. We do text each other every now and then and have met a few times but the communication does not flow effortlessly between us. I feel shut out from his life.

Who are we?

We are from 2 different EU countries living in a 3rd EU country which I am leaving behind and with it leaving my twin too. At least in the 3D. Apparently, this is the "letting go" phase of the journey with the Lion's gate in August 2017. "We let go of the old what once was and embrace what is meant to be~Experience who you are after a long time who you were not~" Many people will relocate, others will pass through a phase of deep silence until they learn how to adjust themselves and their physical reality into new frequencies" Quoted from youtube source: Lion's Gate, sirius Star Alignment & Stellar Transmissions by Receiving Love

How did I know he was my twin?

I didn't have an epiphany experience that many talks about. I am interested in astrology, numerology, life purpose, energy work, and studies on human behaviour (I will share books that inspired me), and could listen and follow my intuition/ my heart since I remember. My major so-called awakening happened 7 years ago when I went through a life-changing experience due to deciding to go after my dreams and find meaning for my existence which resulted in me becoming almost homeless. I had a strong feeling within me to 'trust the unknown' and 'follow my inner guidance' so I risked and went for it despite the difficulties. I did not question myself. Some people believed I was lost when I, in fact, was on track. Some people called me crazy when I thought I was a genius. From time to time I had doubts and in this case, I found encouragement in tarot and angel cards plus I had a supportive friend and flatmate who didn't judge me. I studied the messages on the cards, sat with them for a while, and reflected on them. I was learning to draw connections between the wise messages and my situation. Eventually, I got helped through the challenges I voluntarily chose to face and embarked on my dream career but that is another story. Since this crazy difficult time my life has slowed down and with it, my intuition has sharpened. I've become more aware and more sensitive to the energies around me and what people reflected on me. I learned to speak my truth without fear, not caring what others think of me or how that would affect me e.g. losing jobs/ friends/ opportunities. With practice, my communication skills started to bloom and I felt free, connected, and powerful within me as I stepped into my truth. This extensive experience of evolving/ spiritual awakening later helped me to recognise my twin flame connection and I could treat my counterpart with love, understanding, and integrity from the beginning of our meeting. As I mentioned before, I did not know he was my twin flame until a year later but I recognised his importance and the feeling of home next to him.

For those who are not familiar with the TWIN FLAME term, please take time to check out the links below or just google the word. Google is the God of the 3rd millennium, lol! There is no excuse for anybody to stay uneducated anymore!! Wake up everybody, and make the effort.

At the beginning of my journey, I felt the need to watch a great batch of informative youtube videos that helped me understand my feelings and my twin's behaviour but I never googled it until now that I've suggested it. So I have just found out that even Elite magazine wrote an article on twin flames in May 2017! I hope they won't make it fashion though!

Let mE...

Quote Eleven Eleven youtube user:

"Twin Flames are one soul in two bodies. Identical twins share the same DNA, Twin Flames ARE the same code expressed differently... Soulmates have one distinctive soul and higher self whereas Twin Flames are (have) the SAME higher self... What people define "love" is creative energy through the process of consciousness... One of the most difficult things to overcome in a Twin Flame union is to get rid of the mental indoctrination and the concept of relationship(s) in order to achieve harmonious evolution of the two souls..."


11:11 is the twin flame number. Check out Infinite Water's video explaining the number connection:

Infinite waters youtube channel is a bliss! Let me copy his video on human relationships: soul mates, karmic relationships and twin flames too.

You will only recognise your twin if you are spiritually awakened otherwise your ego (+ other people's opinion, your previous experience, your negative way of thinking, fear, etc. you name it... ) would stand in the way as an obstacle and you will not appreciate the connection. I do believe though if the counterparts meet in the physical that means they are ready for the journey. They are well prepared even if they aren't consciously aware of it. They just have to embrace the connection, trust their feelings and support each other to ascend through the shadow phases (facing your wounds, fears, ego, etc.) that some call the "dark knight of the soul".

Science testifies to the fact that everything in the universe is energy

"If you looked at yourself or your Twin Flame or any object in your home through a strong enough microscope, you would invariably see atomic particles vibrating at particular frequencies. When you connect with your Twin, your energies are triggered to purge everything that has kept you out of vibrational alignment with each other - so that you can come together as one again. This means that any past heartbreak, fear, jealousy, and shame will be brought up to be cleansed out for good" ~ Cassady Cayne

Here is another video that I especially like with Gregg Braden explaining the energetic connection and vibration between particles and how the universe is connected. This is something similar to what happens to twins: they can feel each other energetically (in 5D) even if they live on different continents in 3D. For example, if one of them feels stressed the other one feels the stress too however he/ she may experience it in a different form. Let's say the masculine experiences the stress keeping the feeling inside of him maybe smoking or drinking it away. While at the same time the feminine experiences skin rash as a sign of her twin flame's stress feeling. Lame example but you get it. :)


I underlined some words just as reminders for myself to write/ talk longer about them in my next post.

Thank you for reading/ watching!

Until next time have a nice day everyone! ♡

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