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EL HIERRO - ROOT CHAKRA (1st center)

Represents our foundation and our feeling of being grounded

LOCATION: At the base of the spine in the tailbone area


EMOTIONAL ISSUES: Stability, survival, safety, security, sense of belonging, home, food, career, finances

IF THIS CHAKRA IS BALANCED WE FEEL: Grounded, safe in control, at ease

IF THIS CHAKRA IS IMBALANCED WE MAY EXPERIENCE: Fear, anger, short-tempered, being stuck, feeling insecure, exhausted, anxious, greedy, impatient, materialistic

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Problems with the colon, bladder, lower back, leg, feet, or hips issues, prostate problems in men

HEALING EXERCISE: Stomping our bare feet on the ground. Remember the Root chakra is all about being "grounded". Practising Kundalini yoga can open up our lower spine. The bridge pose is another good yoga pose to try out.


  • Red-colored foods like tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, and beet

  • Hot spices like red cayenne peppers and Tabasco sauce

  • Vegetables from the ground like carrots and potatoes

  • Animal proteins like red meat and eggs

For more info on the chakras, please visit:

What to know about El Hierro?

El Hierro, nicknamed Isla del Meridiano (the "Meridian Island"), is the smallest of the seven main islands of the Canaries that was once thought to be at the end of the world. The population was 10,162 in 2003 however when I was there in 2017 my neighbour, who's been living on the island for 9 years, corrected me saying that the population has dropped since 2003 and now is only 6000. He made a joke pointing out that the population is actually 6000+1 (me), lol! 😂 I, however, didn't officially become a resident during my travels. In case, you are interested in how to, please visit the following site:

El Hierro is aiming to become the first island in the world to become fully self-sufficient in electrical energy. To achieve this, the island has installed five wind turbines, two water deposits, four hydraulic turbines, and a pumping station in order to make the energy it requires.

The island’s innovative green energy project focuses on harnessing the strong winds and docility of still water.

Furthermore, the island is keen to make the switch to electric cars and It also aims to build a composting plant to turn half the island’s rubbish into agricultural fertilizer.

"This little island declared a World Biosphere Reserve, entrances you with the contrast between its stark volcanic terrain, the richness of its forests, and the clear waters of its marine reserve. You choose how you want to explore its bountiful nature: dive into its waters to visit the marine ecosystems that have returned to life after the submarine eruptions of 2011, hike through its ancient forests or just kick back and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, Feel the peace that comes from sitting still and breathing in El Hierro's pure air."

For more on El Hierro tourism please visit:

How to get here?

You can come to El Hierro by plane or by ferry from Tenerife. I choose the ferry because I wanted a different experience and because I love the ocean and was curious if I could spot some dolphins on the way. Below is my ferry trip video clip.

What did I like most about the island?

  • beautiful nature: coast, ocean, vegetation, lava rocks

  • animals: goats, sheep, cats, small lizards, geckos, birds (some birds fly over from Africa)

  • nature's sources of plants in the wild: aloe vera, tomatoes, spinach, herbs, cactus berries, etc.

  • organic environment and clean air

  • no traffic, no crowd, no stress, no crime

  • no dangerous or poisonous animals

  • free public water wells are available in several parts of the island

  • free use of the gym

  • plenty of bananas, mangoes, pineapples, and papaya plantations

  • many amazing hiking routes across the island




There are a lot of hiking routes, coastal paths, swimming, and snorkelling opportunities. There is also a diving centre in La Restinga, in the south of the island. I loved the long safe walks to the lava stone-covered coast by the side of the road which was never busy, and when the locals saw you walking they happily offered you a lift. There are a lot of steep uphill and downhill paths so if you plan to visit train your legs and stamina! It's a pleasure to walk and be part of the details (colours, smells, sounds) of the surrounding nature.

I, furthermore, loved the weekend market with local organic fruits and veggies, homemade produce like bread, jam, olive oil, and crafty souvenirs.

The island feels very peaceful and safe. There are a lot of hikers who sleep in their tents or just under the sky wherever the night reaches them. One of my favourite activities was driving on the long empty roads and sing along to the radio. It was perfect for me to practise driving and make mistakes on the road without being shouted at by other impatient drivers as my license was new this time and in the beginning, I was not confident behind the wheel.


LA MACETA natural rock pool




I stayed on an organic farm where I had my private residence with a bedroom, bathroom, and open-air kitchen. It was a truly inspiring, soulful, warm, and relaxing place where I felt at home instantly. My hosts were genuinely welcoming and without words, we understood each other yet we didn't speak the same language. I felt so much love and peace being surrounded by farm animals (cats, kittens, dogs, sheep, hens, roosters) and plants (homegrown veggies, herbs, banana plantation) -that brought back the feeling from my childhood when I spent summers at my grandma's rural garden house where I felt so much freedom and love-, that I extended my stay with 10 more days and altogether I spent 30 days on the farm.

My spiritual experience:

I arrived during the evening hours when the sky was changing to black and I started to feel very lost in the darkness of the unknown. I was hit with the strong soul feeling of "I've come too far from home". At this time I still had a tight connection to my twin whom I called home. Some fear moved in me and I was thinking of going back to Tenerife on the next ferry which was due in the morning. My luggage was lost and by the time I found it I needed to rush to catch the last minibus to the capital called Valverde where I froze to purple and was shaking like jelly on the plate until my connection bus arrived that took me to Frontera where I booked my accommodation. Later on, I found out that the reason I was freezing in Valverde was that I was 571 meters above sea level surrounded by only a few people that I caught in the distance under the dim street lights. I lost my confidence in the cold darkness and I felt I was a total stranger and all by myself in the unknown. I could burst into tears from the pain I was feeling within. It was a very weird feeling. THIS IS SO NOT ME! I, otherwise, embrace the unknown with curiosity that gives me the opportunity to discover and experience something new and I love it! But it was different this time. Some hidden feelings of loss and fear bubbled up to my consciousness that I connected to my birth experience and with that to the loss of my twin that I only realised the next day when I was back in my relaxed, smiley, loving self again. I, however, turned ill for a few days after this experience. I would say that if this island has the power to open up and heal emotional issues connected to the Root Chakra (home, survival, safety, sense of belonging) it makes sense that I needed to face these unresolved issues "hidden" in me since birth. You can read more on why I think this experience is connected to my birth and the loss of my twin here.

I had another fear-connected experience when I went hiking alone and got lost on my way. I had no idea where I was but I was on the paved road higher up the side of the ancient crater (Frontera is situated in an ancient crater half of which is sunk in the ocean) The highest point on the island is Malpaso 1501 m, but I wasn't even close to 1000 m at this point. There was not a soul around me. It was so quiet that I heard the echoes of my exhausted breathing and the occasional rooster craw in the far distance. The temperature was cooler. It was darker (cloudy) and humid up here. There were grapevines around and one small house from where I heard echoed machine noise coming -probably locals were working on processing the grapes inside - as I approached. Here I suddenly developed the same kick in my stomach and chest that erupted in wetting my eyes due to the feeling of being lost and alone in the unknown. The same feeling I experienced when I arrived on the island. I felt the need to slow if something was around me...something suddenly started to feel unusual and unsafe. I literally felt I am naked out there with my bare soul. I had no identity, no profession, no name, no gender...just a soul. Within seconds I felt weaker and felt the urge to break into tears. To avoid that I turned on my camera and started to speak to it which distracted me from the feeling. I guess I pushed down the feeling that wanted to come out from within me which later on I regretted as this is what I shouldn't do when my soul is trying to heal. But I did not know about soul healing and the islands-chakras connection when this happened and it felt so strange to go through with it without understanding why it was happening to me.

On the farm where I stayed I met Wassima from Germany who told me that she dreamt the word "hierro", then she googled it and found out that there was an island called El Hierro. She bought a flight ticket straight away and there she was at the same accommodation with me and 4 other travellers. We developed a friendship and she told me when she saw me for the first time she believed I was a healer. "I can be, somewhat, I guess... I just don't know in what way."

On the day when I got lost during hiking and felt some sort of fear attacking me, Wassima was experiencing the same around the crater where she drove that day and it turned out later that we were very close to each other without knowing about it. Our host told us that there is a myth around that crater, called Llania, saying that one side of it is looked after by light energies and the other side is looked after by dark energies. She added that there were many car accidents on the 'dark side' part in the past and people are more cautious approaching it when they pass by. This is so interesting!

That's what I captured from and around Llania:

How did I feel being here?

I was very happy here. I felt super cozy, warm, loved, and looked after. I felt I belonged. It wasn't a specific person but nature and the energies made me feel abundant. It was safe, soulful, and healing to be here. El Hierro might be the smallest among the Canaries but with many different facets that are worth exploring, and "just relax and breathe it all in".

Here's my favourite ♡- shaped lava rock to say goodbye with:

Thank you for reading!

The next island will be La Palma - Sacral chakra.

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