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Volunteering on a farm

Life was slow, very slow, in the spring and summer of 2021. In May I managed to escape from home to do pet sitting for two weeks. I looked after a pig and four cats while the owner was on holiday. Then in July, again, I managed to leave my parents' negative energies behind when I traveled to the South of Hungary to volunteer on a farm.

I feel very fidgety and pick up on a lot of anger in my parents' home. Since I've been here I have lost my independence and zest for life. I've kind of lost hope too and fear has moved in my essence shadowing the ideas and dreams I had nurtured for myself. I don't feel good here. I don't vibe with the local people and I don't understand their pain and money-centered way of living. Generally, I feel low vibration wherever I go in the country. It's coming from the people.

I remember, whenever I travelled to Hungary from the UK, I felt like I was going down in an elevator and stayed on that low level for the time I spent in the country. Although, the herd of tourists and backpackers brought a lot of life and colours to Budapest which was great to be part of and I had fun in that vibration. But now the covid spread stopped travellers to bring their joy and the country ended up being locked up in the locals' perceived pain and unhappiness that has strongly affected my choices (of not wanting to work at certain places and with certain people) and inner light.

On the farm, I wanted to work with animals and plants. I wanted to reconnect with nature and to a pure, simple life that brings balance and inner peace. I wanted to be in a quiet place. I know it wouldn't be all good in the new environment as according to the Law of Attraction we attract what we are and not what we want, and so some aspects of the bad things I carried within me from the city continued to affect me on the farm too. They just changed forms. I, however, found ways to heal through working/ walking barefoot on the earth, touching the plants (I did lots of weeding for example), and caring for the animals (the dwarf goats loved to be petted).

Photos from around the farm

A baby goat was born! A super sweet dwarf goat baby brightened up my last days. She had a tiny fragile body, soft, warm fur, and the cutest maa bleating in these early days of her life that just made me want to be around her all the time. She was very calm when we picked her up and seemed to enjoy being in human arms but of course, she felt the best when she could hide under her mama. It was a great joy to watch the tiny goat explore the farm and when she realised what she can do with her legs she first started to jump around awkwardly and then within days she grew into a fearless speedy racer. :)

My host and I made soaps from a mix of goat's milk, bee's wax, selected essential oils, and drops of natural colourings.

My accommodation was a caravan that was parked within the animal enclosure next to the main house where my host lived. I often woke up for the goats (or the sheep?) rubbing against the stationary vehicle or jumping on its tow hook at the front. The rooster and the hens liked to pay their visit in the evenings and scratch for bugs at my foot. They loved to snack on the giant ants that I haven't actually seen in other parts of the country but here.

What did I do here?

Watering plants, weeding, harvesting, feeding animals, changing their water, collecting eggs, cleaning, and painting a wooden house, bits and bobs around the house, and battling with the heat. The latter was not part of my job, lol, but it felt like a mission. July in the South of Hungary was extremely hot and dry. We had to work in the early mornings and then again in the evenings because between 11:00 and 16:00 the heat was just unbearable and dangerous. It was hard for me to relax because the caravan turned into a boiling pot and I was constantly sweating. Good for sauna time but not so good to read or write. I couldn't stay inside for long. There was some breeze outside at least, and I lay in the shade just to stop sweating. The problem was that I didn't always want to lie and bore the afternoon hours away. I wanted to be productive, so I moved to the smaller house, which was kept as storage and workshop or so it seemed. Here the room was cooler and I could sit at a desk with my laptop without wanting to die from the high temperature, and I managed to keep writing, teaching for some hours online, and looking for new job opportunities worldwide. I knew that I would finish working on the book manuscript in August and would be free to start a new cycle in life in Autumn, just in time to get hired for work and begin the school year somewhere... preferably on the Canary Islands. My heart has been pulling me toward La Gomera for a while. I believe it is because my Solar Plexus is strongly imbalanced.

"IF SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA IS IMBALANCED WE MAY EXPERIENCE: low self-esteem, have difficulty in making decisions, or may have anger and control issues."

During my stay at my parents' home, a lot of the childhood issues came back to me that I didn't know that I had because the young me was lacking the knowledge and wisdom to name the feelings I experienced. Now I know how the harmful energies affected my self-worth, self-confidence, self-power, personal growth, and identity. I am not sure why I had to go through with this again but maybe at some point in my life, I will understand it better. Actually, the experience might have come back around in order to be released. But how to release it? I will have to look for some help.

Until then take care, everyone! Speak to you soon.


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