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The journaling lightworker

I am a truth speaker. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I respect and accept you the way you are. It's just that I won't hang out with you if you're an asshole.

I don’t expect anything from you that I wouldn’t do for you.

I love myself. Wholeheartedly. I think I am a really cool woman. If I were a man, I would adore the woman I am today.

I love my life, and I am not gonna change it for you but you're welcome to join me.

It's insane that people still guess I'm 20-something years old when I'm close to 40. I heard that lightworkers age slower.

I trust myself. I am comfortable with myself. I am grounded. I am quick-witted. I go with the motion.

I don't entertain anything that makes me feel bad.

I sense that I possess something elusive that others don't understand so they are mad at me. They want to see me on their lower levels. They project their fear, negativity, and insecurity on me. They don’t understand that they can’t break me. If they want to see me on equal grounds, they will have to rise up to my level.

Live a low-stress level life. Love yourself, shamelessly. Stop people pleasing, learn to say no, protect your light.

Choose a job and a partner that makes you feel free. Live with childlike curiosity. Don't dwell on sad feelings for too long. Don't spend too much time with negative people. Be your own knight. Stay connected to your feelings. Do the things you like more often than the things you don't like. Welcome changes and embrace new experiences. Stop licking your wounds, heal them. Move on and move up.

I can sense people’s intentions. This ability has saved me from some trouble in life.

I can't explain why it comes naturally to me to be authentic. And I don't understand why it doesn't come naturally to others.

Be yourself. The world doesn't need another version of somebody else.

Authentic people are as rare as blonde women were before the fame of Marilyn Monroe. Be authentic. Everybody will envy you and want to be like you.

Your authentic self either teaches people or triggers them. Period.

If you don’t have an identity, others will give you one. Isn’t it better to choose who you want to be as opposed to being dressed in somebody else’s idea of you?

I face challenges even if it hurts. Then I grow from the experience. I have fallen and failed many times, it has become second nature to pick myself up and breathe faith into myself.

I have breathed faith in love again and again.

It's OK to feel lost. It often happens when your old way of living, thinking, or feeling doesn't resonate with your desires anymore. If you're lost, you can be found and reset your life.

"You usually know, intuitively, whether remaining in a relationship or job would present the kind of challenges that will help you grow as a person (enlargement) or the kind that will cause your soul to shrivel (diminishment). Choose uncomfortable enlargement over comfortable diminishment whenever you can." The Human Disease

Wisdom comes from experience.

We all have a purpose.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Save yourself time and energy and invest them in yourself. If you focus on others, you will never get to know yourself. You will live their life, not yours. You will live a life fuelled by lies and lies don’t support you in the long run. You cannot build anything stable on shaky foundations.

The opposite of love is not hate but fear. If your fear is bigger than your love, you lose out on opportunities for growth.

Everything is the way it has to be. If you don't see it like this, just sleep on it.

Nothing and no one was designed for forever. The sooner you accept it, the calmer you are.

“A true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.” Elizabeth Gilbert

I know that Earth is not my home. I am a guest on this planet. I accept what I am given and I taste everything. I am connected to something greater. This feeling is unknown to the mass thus I keep it to myself.

I accept death. I can't wait to transform and go home. Sometimes I lose connection to the divine and I feel alone in the dark. Being here is heavy. This is where hopelessness lives.

I eat what my body tells me to. My body knows better than me and I help to provide what it needs.

Sometimes I talk to my organs. I thank them for their work and cooperation, and I hug them goodnight.


My mum is a living example of why men grow up thinking that women are slaves to men. Without setting boundaries she’s just lost it.

My mother hasn’t taught me anything I can look up to as a young woman. Her lack of self-love doesn't support me in this world.

I understand that my mum didn’t have as many sources of inspiration for change as I did. When she was growing up there were no TV, internet, or opportunities to travel. She could only be what she saw around her and what she saw at home. My generation is more open. We have way better and more opportunities to be ourselves, try new things, and live a freer life. We are more expressive emotionally. We share our experiences and ideas. If we want to. We can learn from each other and see many different models for living, parenting, or behaving. We have choices. It’s a good time for us to be on this planet.

No more hiding, no more taboos, no more secrets.

My father had 70 years to learn to look after himself and he didn’t do it. He used mum to serve him. I hope my dad dies first so that my mum can experience freedom before her passing. Although, I am not sure she wants to.

My parents are disconnected and fear-based beings who put money before love. They operate on such low vibration that their voices sound like they are talking from the cellar. They have spent their life together hating each other and finger-pointing. Consequently, as a kid, I connected love and money to hatred and insecurity. I have done a lot of healing yet am still unable to manifest the love and the money in my life that I feel I deserve.

I was an emotionally neglected child. I was an invisible child. The only benefit I see in being neglected is that my creativity developed to an exceptional level from a young age. Later writing and drawing have become my channels for emotional expression and release. My therapy.

I am grateful for my parents who never held me back from trying new things in life and that they financially supported my crazy ideas until I lived with them. I could go after everything I wanted to do in my spare time. Let that be sports activities, workshops, art courses, travels, cultural or social events, etc. Whether they did it from neglect or support, is irrelevant.

Zsofi, a friend of mine, felt like was sent from the sky. She redirected me on the right path and became my close friend for many years to come until we moved abroad and slowly grew apart from each other. She said I looked like a Danish girl, although, she had never been to Denmark. Just by being her true self, she helped me regrow my confidence and fought for me to believe in my talents. I just hope I could give the same back to her.

I always had good friends. My friends were important to me. I think my friends' parents secretly looked out for me.

My grandmother loved me unconditionally. She had this raw, protective energy toward her grandchildren. She let us be free in her house and our creativity was soaring with ideas when we were playing freely.

I don’t have an enviable life. Sometimes I feel very tired. Like I have lived a hundred years… or more. Although people grasp a different perspective by looking at me or talking to me. They don’t sense that I feel very alone among them. My life hasn’t become easier parallel to gaining wisdom over the years but I have found meaning to it.


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