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My thoughts on the coronavirus

We don't know anything for sure and this is what freaks most people out. The news in the media is not reliable (has it ever been?) and we are unsure of the reasons and facts around the virus. Is it a conspiracy theory, a media/ political distraction, or an accident? We will never know. What we know is that feeling fear, anger, and frustration over not knowing the truth will weaken the immune system and with a weak immune system, we are more prone to catch the virus.

It's okay not to know. Let it go. For a fun inspiration listen to the Frozen song by clicking HERE

We are used to be told what to do e.g. what medication to take, what to eat, what to wear, where to work, how to behave, how to survive etc. in order to feel insecure enough to give our power away to someone else's control who are doctors, managers, politicians, bankers, brands, wounded family members, commercials, etc. We believe that people with perceived authority know better than ourselves. We allow others to think for ourselves instead of listening to our own intuition and build up the confidence in our own inner knowing.

*Intuition is a natural ability that arises from a deeper level of intelligence than our conscious mind, and without which we couldn't live. Intuition is our energetic diagnosis of an energy field of information. Intuition is sensing movement toward a future event. Intuition may be the self-organizing factor that steers our attention to the path that bears fruit. A highly evolved use of intuition is being able to find meaning in symbols and synchronicities. Quote from the book: The Purpose Of Your Life by Carol Adrienne

One of the reasons why people are scared is because it doesn't just affect "them/ the others", it doesn't just happen far away from us but everybody in the world is vulnerable to it. They let the thought in "we can all die" and nobody with authority who has been "controlling their identity" can do anything about it, in other words, there is no one out there who can save them. This is a good time for the population to practice to alter their way of thinking and believe that they can save themselves. Firstly with increased care and attention to boost the immune system: eat healthier/ local & organic produces, stop smoking, reduce stress level, leave toxic people/ environment, love yourself and others, treat others the way you want to be treated, etc. and of course, the well-known wash your hands/ face thoroughly, sneeze/ cough in a tissue, avoid too much physical contact and secondly love instead of hate! "Feeling love and feeling loved both provide a powerful lift to the immune system. As can sex."

We're all in it together on the globe. Let's help each other.


We have to acknowledge and co-operate with people's fear and respect the restrictions in order to stop spreading the virus. "Remember, we all react at a level of our consciousness, the level of our fear and the level of our love." (Lee Harris) The government didn't come up with the restrictions and lockdowns to stop you from getting to your destination, they designed new orders to stop the virus. Don't look for shortcuts or tricks otherwise, you may end up in quarantine for 4 weeks (2 weeks when you go out and 2 weeks when you come back in). You will be able to travel again soon. This is a temporary phase in our lives.

Don't waste time on what you CAN'T do during the pandemic. Instead, focus on the things you CAN do.

Here's a list of ideas on things that you can do:

  • Appreciate the abundance of free time

  • Turn within, practice self-reflection/ meditation

  • Re-evaluate your life, worth, and goals

  • Finish that project! Write that novel! Read that book finally!

  • Connect with family, friends, and hobbies you would do if you didn't have to go to work

  • Play/ Bond with your pet(s)

  • Catch up with movies and TV-series

  • Do Spring cleaning/ Marie Kondo your home

  • Mend that fence!

  • Learn a new skill

  • Study online (Udemy, Skillshare, DailyOm, and many more online platform are available, click HERE for the list of the top online course platforms)

What can the pandemic's message be?

I see it as a wake-up call. People are forced to slow down in their daily lives providing the opportunity to look within and reflect. This is a call toward a more conscious self to elevate, connect, and do better. We are asked to stay at home more/ work from home if possible, reduce physical contact with others. A call back home to our inner self and inner circle away from external distractions.

P.S. - People talk about social distancing but shouldn't it be named physical distancing instead? After all, connection through social media is thriving during this time of "crisis".

If we spend quality time with our loved ones and nurture each other our immune system becomes stronger which is key to fight off the virus (and other toxic factors). If you don't have family and/or away from loved ones you can nurture yourself by spending more time doing the things that bring joy to you. Thus we experience a higher vibration, a similar feeling that love does to our body. It is the positive feeling we create within our body that heals the cells and consequently improves our immune systems.

And here comes in one of the messages I see with the pandemic lockdown: if people learn the value of feeling good in their bodies their immune system function strong and normal, they will need less medication so the factories stop producing chemical-based pills because the consumption rate has dropped down and with that, the pollution that these factories produce is reduced. If we learn the value of our natural ability of healing and we are not constantly operating in low vibration caused by stress, anger, dissatisfaction, envy, hatred, etc. the quality of our lives will improve and we may make better choices for ourselves and for the environment. We will learn that we don't need all sorts of products and things (advertised food, cosmetics, electronics, clothes, etc.) to make us feel good and healthy. If people buy less, the factories stop producing unnecessary amounts of waste and toxins that would bring positive changes to our planet. It happens through us, not outside of us.

✈️ I am happy that the airlines have already cancelled most of the scheduled flights, so the air pollution is being reduced. Other forms of transit by land- and water vehicles are also becoming less frequent. Along with the air, the soil and water could become clearer as well.

The economic and financial crisis that will inevitably follow up gives people the choice to rebuild from the heart. As naive as it sounds. Rebuild their relationship with money, people, and life itself. We have an opportunity to turn toward our resources (inner/ outer), for example, appreciate the local/ homegrown produce because imports are/ will be on a halt (including medication and artificial vitamins as most of them are produced in China). Again what's left is the immune system that we can strengthen with positive thoughts and positive feelings, and some herbs are nice too. The vibration of the Earth can change to higher if people allow themselves not to get stuck in their losses but focus on building a positive mindset. Is the glass is half full or half-empty?

We now know that the new coronavirus takes lives mostly from among the older generation (over 65/ 70 years). I interpret that symbolically in connection with the old, outdated system that needs to die in order to let the new Earth begin. I also read about a statistic that states that more men die than women from the virus. I symbolically interpret this as the abusive masculine energy (the shadow side of masculine energy that rules many aspects of our lives) connected to money centered and disconnected attitude also needs to be less in order to create a positive change. With more women being on the Earth the feminine energy can rise higher and bring balance with love and compassion. (no offense for any men! masculine energy can be dominant in both women and men)

"The death rate among the men in the Chinese sample – which covers late 2019 when the virus first emerged in the city of Wuhan up to 11 February – was 2.8 percent, compared to 1.7 percent for the women. Children are even less likely to succumb to the coronavirus: no one under the age of 10 in the sample died, while just 0.2 percent of those between 10 and 40 died."

Could I feel it coming?

Interestingly my 'battle' with the swollen lymph nodes in the neck started around the time when the coronavirus broke out in early/mid-November. Remember the first cases in Wuhan were reported much earlier than it appeared in the news in December. In my previous post, I wrote about my speculation of what this condition could indicate. It's been nearly 4 months and by now I've had swollen lymph nodes on the right side (masculine side) of my upper body lined up like a chain of pearls. I have visited a bioresonance specialist (naturopath) and the GP (traditional) for examination. The bioresonancy test immediately picked up on my weakened immune system and a common virus called Epstein Barr, also called the "kissing disease", that attacked my lymphatic system. While at the same time, the medical examinations show no positive results for any tests they have taken (blood draw and swab) so far. Of course, I haven't just sat around and waited for somebody to "save me", I've done some research on the virus and have also started treatment with homeopathy and herbs.

*Emotions manifest into the body as physical symptoms. Negative emotions manifest illnesses as energy in motion is blocked and blocked energy lead to illness in the chakra system.

What have I found out about Epstein-Barr ?

"Even though Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) isn't a household name, you've probably been infected without knowing it. Lots of people carry the virus but don't get sick. Epstein-Barr is the virus that causes mononucleosis "mono."

You can get the virus through kissing as well as things like sharing drinks or silverware. It’s contagious, but you’re less likely to catch mono than other common illnesses like a cold. Mono isn’t usually a serious illness, but you can have complications that make it more dangerous. The symptoms of mono can range from mild to severe.

Many people are exposed to EBV as kids. But that doesn’t always mean you’ll get mono. You can carry the virus in your body for your entire life without ever having symptoms of mono. Most people are exposed to it at some point in their lives. In the U.S., about 85% to 90% of adults carry the virus by the time they’re 40."

The symptoms can be fatigue, fever, lack of appetite, rash, sore throat, swollen glands in the neck, weakness, and sore muscles. I am only experiencing swollen lymph nodes and occasional stiff neck due to sore muscles in the neck, which are the complications and they're not transferable. I also had a short period of mild sore throat and mild rash, I believe, at the beginning but it was almost unnoticeable.

According to the Spiritual Causes of Diseases by Kathy Hadley lymph problems are warnings that the mind needs to be recentered on the essentials of life. Love and joy. The right side of the body connects to the masculine energy, men, the father, giving out and letting go.

Metaphysical causes of neck pain: “Pain and stiffness in the neck denote inflexibility in thinking. You may be in a situation that you feel you can't control as you wish." Ravenstarshealingroom's Blog

Stiff neck/ Nyaki duzzanat lelki okai: material attachment/ anyagi ragaszkodás, concealed fear of losing sense of authority/ elfojtott tekintélyféltés, concealed emotions/ elfojtott érzelmi megkeményedés, fear of not fitting in/ túlzott félelem a normáktól való eltéréstöl, anxiety of wrong career choices/ téves hivatasválasztás miatti szorongás stb.

The meaning of these symptoms is more likely to be connected to the collective energy of the people in relation to the current coronavirus fear. It's definitely not my personal energy. So I am wondering, if I really am an energy transmuter lightworker, would I have been able to pick up on the collective energy that has manifested in my body?

I keep you posted on this.

My personal experience during this time

I started to work with a creative, filmmaker family from the USA in early February. Mum was shooting a movie in Budapest and dad was flying out to start the prep work for his movie in Bulgaria. I was hired to look after their awesome 3-year-old daughter, Noa, who instantly rocked my world.

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus, our lives suddenly changed particularly when President Trump announced the travel restrictions from the EU to the USA. The producers pulled the plug on the movie overnight ordering everyone back to the US. Mum and the child were on a flight at noon the next day. Dad followed them from Bulgaria 2 days later.

Sudden unexpected changes. This would be the Tower card in the tarot. ⚡️

The child's mum said she would pay me for the following week even though, they would not be here, as it all had happened suddenly and I guess she wanted to be fair. I don't care if she pays me, I just want them to be happy, healthy and safe. It must have been difficult for her to pack up their stuff in a rush from the flat and travel back to the states with a 3-year-old. All I could think of "I hope she didn't have to go through with this alone". I miss them already. I loved my days in the city with them around!

Here's a video shortie of me coming to the flat after the family has left:

E X T R A S:

Itt egy inspiráló és elgondolkodtató üzenet a járványról magyarul (YouTube link):

The song that comes to my head uninvitedly a lot these days is Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga.

Let me share a segment of Teal Swan's insight:

The 2 opposite movements within the universe at large:

Fear (isolation) = to push something away from yourself

Love (contact) = to take something as a part of yourself

People actually say that the opposite of love is fear, not hate. We make different decisions out of a space of love than out of a space of fear. Fear has a way of convincing people that the most important thing is survival, it's not. It's quality of life. And that's what humanity has to be standing for.

Stay well, everyone! Be responsible.

Until next time

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