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To sum up my Canary Islands journey

I quit my old ways of living in the city of London and chose to go travelling alone. I went to the Canary Islands and at the airport I noticed that my gate number was 36 which is my life purpose number according to Dan Millman, author of the book: The Life You Were Born To Live. Also around the time I was preparing for my trip I started to see many number 11-s (eleven). After my google search I found out that 11 is connected to intuition, soul mission, life purpose and new beginnings just to mention a few. Awesome!

Instead of planning places to visit I decided to go with the flow and let my feelings and intuition lead me. I started to feel such freedom and confidence in knowing where I was going where in fact I had no idea. I just trusted. I stayed open for adventures and challenges in mind, body and soul throughout the 7 months I was on the road and embraced the unknown with childlike curiosity. It was amazing! I was hiking volcanoes, climbing craters, walking on lava stones, swimming in the bright blue ocean, tanning on black sandy beaches (and burning myself!), driving bare feet on narrow cliff edge roads with my brand new driving license, sledging on sand dunes, practising meditation on a farm, saving kittens, picking pineapples and cactus berries, being chased by dogs, surfing etc. 🏄‍♀️

I didn't know that my travel journey was also a healing journey (a deep soul cleansing!) until I met David, Italian traveler, who shared an article with me on the "7 chakras and 7 islands" which introduced the discovery work of Project Harwitum on the connection between the chakras (energy centers in the human body) and the islands. Let me quote: "...the volcanic energy currently possessed by the group of islands helps to give impetus to the activation of the energy centers" said Matías De Stefano @Project Harwitum. Therefore when the energy centers within your body are activated, energetic blocks created by negative feelings can be released and healing can begin to occur.

This gave me the wild inspiration to reach out for my savings and spend it all (oh!) on visiting each Canary Islands to experience the different energies and grow with the experience. In the meantime I educated myself on the chakra system and started to practise yoga.

My travel companion was a pink inflatable flamingo.

Based on the "7 chakras 7 islands" article and my personal experience I put together a 40 page photo book from my travel photos with introductory details on the chakra system and its importance in our body.

My aim with the book is to inspire and encourage you to dare to leave your comfort zone, find your passion and grow with your journey. Leave behind fear and trust the unknown. Be open for new experiences, try what seems impossible (remember I'm possible!) and laugh while you're doing it! It's so worth it! As Ralph Waldo Emerson says "It's not the destination, it's the journey that matters." With my story I would also like to bring awareness in soul connections and soul healing as well.


I recommend the book for everyone who is open minded, loves travelling & adventures & beautiful photos, and is interested in the energy centres within our body. Suitable for all ages from teenagers to elderly who are looking for alternative/ natural ways to improve their lifestyles.


If so, please check out my webshop to place your order or reach out to me with your request.

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