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Our ability to focus on and see the BIG picture

LOCATION: Forehead between the eyes; it can also be described as being located behind the eyes in the middle of the head


EMOTIONAL ISSUES: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, ability to think and make decisions

IF THIS CHAKRA IS BALANCED: It can enable clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, and visualization


  • Not being able to establish a vision for oneself and realize it

  • Rejection of everything spiritual or beyond the usual

  • Not being able to see the greater picture

  • Lack of clarity

  • Feeling stuck in the daily grind without being able to look beyond our problems and set a guiding vision for ourselves

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Eyes, sinuses, pituitary gland


  • Eye exercise

  • Child's pose or other types of yoga poses with forward bends


  • Purple colored foods like grapes, blueberries, purple cabbage, eggplant

  • Omega 3-rich foods: salmon, sardines, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds all contain high levels of Omega 3's which are perfect for boosting brain power and balancing the third-eye

  • Lavender flavoured spices or tea

  • Dark chocolate

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What to know about Fuerteventura?

I was told that the word 'Fuerteventura' translates to 'Strong wind' which would be very accurate as the island is famous for its strong wind. During my research, I, however, found out that 'ventura' means 'fortune'. The 'wind' translates to 'viento' in Spanish. So Fuerteventura means "Strong fortune" and not "Strong wind".

It's the second-largest of the Canary Islands after Tenerife. The island is about 100 km long and 30 km wide. The mountains (of volcanic origin) in the north reach a height of up to 700 m above sea level (Maxorata). The highest peak is in the south - peninsula of Jandía, the Pico de la Zarza (807 m).

Long sunny days, intense wind and waves up to two metres mean that the island has a long tradition of windsurfing and kite surfing. Its coastline with emerald green waters has over 150 km of white sand beaches. The coast and the spectacular volcanic landscapes are why the island is a Biosphere Reserve.

The island is home to one of the two surviving populations of the threatened Canarian Egyptian vulture. It is also inhabited by many wild dogs and cats. On the barren, rocky land there are Barbary ground squirrels and geckos.

What did I like most about the island?

  • long flat roads

  • white sand beaches and desert feeling

  • the young, creative vibe, DIY energy

  • North of the island: Corralejo - Lajares - El Cotillo areas

  • architecture

My clip mix made on the island:

Sara, my host, came to pick me up at the airport. She said she had a strong positive feeling about me coming and was excited to meet me after our exchange of emails. In the car toward her house, I was unusually open and talkative for a first meeting. I am normally the observer and listener but this time I was the talker. She took the wrong turn at the roundabout twice and seemed a bit nervous. It turned out fast that we had a lot in common including our basic values, interest in mindfulness, recycling, trust, acceptance, and love; our belief and experience in our strength, wisdom, and feelings, and in the spiritual laws like the Law of Attraction, synchronicity, meditation, energy healing. We experienced similar difficulties with the birth experience, blocked nose (Lol, yes!), the family dynamic we grew up in, and mother-daughter relationship (There’s a beautiful post on “mother wound” which both Sara and I could relate to, check this link if you're interested:

Maybe we are from the same soul family that she recognized when I got in touch with her. I couldn’t help thinking about what was the message here with our meeting?

I was very much under my twin’s influence energetically and emotionally this time again. Not getting what I want (the awakened him) made me withdraw a little after the first few days and my FUE experience was overshadowed by this powerless feeling. I, however, started actively practising Dr Joe Dispenza ( meditations in the desert and pushed myself out to be part of the island atmosphere, explored the area and embraced the new experience to raise my vibration but parallel I also started to feel a bit depressed on my own. I had a much better time staying at home with the cat during the day and watch a movie with Sara in the evening. I think I needed a friend and understanding of my “soul pain” rather than a distraction that makes me forget about it. I needed somebody being there with me in the experience which provided the feeling of comfort and belonging. Thank you, Sara! Sometimes shopping in London could help me feel better on my gloomy days, so I tried to look for a dress in the local boutiques (because I really wanted a new summer dress with bright colours) but they were too expensive for my budget. I couldn’t bring myself to buy a sleeveless shirt dress for €45. I chose to continue to feel upset instead of broke, lol. 😅



(Corralejo and El Cotillo beaches)





There are quite a few volcano craters on the island that are accessible on foot... I mean they are easy to climb. Just like the one where Sara dropped me off one morning on the way toward her work. I wasn't well prepared with water, I forgot to bring a hat and I lost my hairband by the time I reached the crater. The wind was very strong and my hair was blown in my face which annoyed me crazy so I came up with the idea of tying my wind jacket around my head. Voila, a new fashion was created! :) I was out here for 3 hours then walked back toward the town centre by the side of the road until I came across a small grocery shop where I bought some more water and snack that kept me alive till Sara finished work. Below is the short video clip on my volcano hike experience:


I could not not notice how many nude people particularly older men most likely over 50 are on the beaches. The locals build windbreaks from lava stones to make the sun more enjoyable on the beach. I was looking for one of these windbreaks during my walk but most of them were occupied so I kept walking further over the dunes and through spiky stones until I reached a deserted area with my supposed sunstroke. Here I saw more naked men walking between the dunes which made me a little uncomfortable first as I am not used to seeing naked old men (and other people in general) around me. Would they stare at me if I undress? I wasn't sure. I was a young woman alone who was playing with the idea of trying the nude style in a safe place but I turned suspicious. I would have felt safer going naked on the main beach area where there were many more people, families, and women too but there I was held back by shyness and insecurity. In this far away part of the beach, I only saw naked old wolves (no offense!) which simply made me uncomfortable. In the end, I found a “shelter” where after an hour relaxing in the sun topless I went full naked in the afternoon hours and I was like “ what?”. It didn’t make a lot of difference. When I took off my bikini top for the first time in Tenerife for the inspiration of the many gorgeous topless women around me on the beach, I felt liberated, relieved. It was a powerful feeling that opened me up to a new level of beauty and confidence. The full naked thing didn’t make me feel anything. At least not here, not now. But hey, I did it! 😀


There's something very mystical and eye-opening in the long flat roads in the desert. There is not a building, hill, rock pile, or trees in front of me blocking my view, so I can look as far as my sight lets me. Consequently, if there is no physical obstacle ahead it translates similarly in the spiritual and psychological realms meaning that there are no obstacles in the way of making that dream come true or reaching out to that possibility. There is more space for creativity, dreams, hopes, and possibilities. Nothing blocks the path to create new visions and reach those goals. That’s how I see the Third Eye chakra can work here. I loved walking alone by the road much more than walking by the coast. This feeling reminded me of scenes in movies that I had seen. Long time I had been fascinated with the idea of experiencing what it would feel like being in the desert and driving down long empty roads. The couple I met in El Hierro told me that Fuerteventura is very boring “It’s just desert, there’s nothing there. It's the same flat view everywhere’”. I ignored their opinion. I knew I would love it!

It was in Fuerteventura where I come up with the idea of writing the "7 islands 7 chakras" book. I created the vision and started manifesting the possibility.


Sara left a wisdom jar in my room from which I was excited to pull a paper strip every morning. The messages contributed to making me feel better emotionally and made me more confident in trusting my own wisdom regard my life journey. It was a lovely way of creating positive affirmations. I loved the idea!

The next island will be Lanzarote - Crown Chakra island.

Thank you for reading! ♡

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