Our ability to communicate



EMOTIONAL ISSUES: Communication, self-expression, expression of inner truth

IF THIS CHAKRA IS BALANCED: We are able to speak, listen, and express ourselves from a higher form of communication, authentic expression

IF THIS CHAKRA IS IMBALANCED WE MAY EXPERIENCE: Insecurity, timidity and introversion, telling lies, not being able to listen to others, not being able to keep secrets or to keep your word, lack of connection with a vocation or purpose in life

IF THIS CHAKRA IS OVERACTIVE: Gossiping, non-stop talking, or being verbally aggressive or mean

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Throat, thyroid, jaw, mouth, tongue, neck and shoulder area


  • Singing, chanting, humming

  • Yoga: camel pose, bridge pose, shoulder stand, and plow


  • Juices and teas e.g. coconut water, herbal teas, raw honey and lemon

  • Fruits that grow on trees: apples, peaches, pears, plums

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I visited Gran Canaria last out of the 7 main islands as I heard it was the busiest and very touristic and I wanted to avoid the crowd. Eventually I flew from Lanzarote and paid for a week stay in early December. By this time of the year the weather was cooler and I needed to wear jeans and jacket, which quite disappointed me. I know it is still amazing to walk outside without a winter coat under the sunny sky but I missed wearing my summer dresses and slippers. The Sun spoiled me over the last couple of months on the other islands.

On Gran Canaria I chose to come to Las Palmas, the capital, with the idea of taking local buses to more relaxing, nature close parts of the island. I found many buses going to the south from the central bus station and most of them were going to the touristic parts of the island where piles of apartment complex buildings decorated the side of the mountains and rows of buffets and bars provided entertainment by the beach, which I only found out once I got there. So I was going from one unwanted crowd to another unwanted crowd instead of finding a peaceful, soulful place to connect.

There is always warmer ☀️ on the south part of the islands but the time I visited it was very windy and I struggled finding a dune behind which I could rest in peace and catch some sun without being hurt by the sand that the wind picked up and threw at me. Unfortunately all the dunes had already been taken so I simply lied down on the sand near one of the smaller dunes with my towel wrapped around my legs and with my hood on my head.

This way I could abide the sand throw and enjoyed the Sun shining in my face. I closed my eyes and disappeared in my inner world. When I opened my eyes again there was a young man with caramel skin and gym body posing at my feet looking down toward me in a piece of nothing. Yep, he was full naked and I had premier plan on his penis. This insulted me terribly! I got up and left without giving him the attention with my glance or voice my anger. A few days later I got to think if I over-reacted the situation? What is it that got triggered in me that brought the negative reaction out? ...And then I was like, what respectful man would stand wide open naked in front of a woman on the beach? Does it sound okay to anyone? It's funny now, I admit, but when it happened to me I didn't see the humour in it. That instant anger I felt probably held lifetimes of anger and not particularly solely my own feelings in this situation. I should have pushed him in the sand!

Watch Tracee Ellis Ross's TED speech on women's fury and where it comes from. Masterpiece!

Back to the beach.

They asked a fee for using the toilet on the beach at Playa del Ingles (= English beach = nude beach) whereas on the other islands, even on Tenerife, toilets were free by the beaches I went to. I didn’t see the charm of the mass tourism and my loneliness feeling, that broke out of me on Lanzarote, deepened. I didn’t find a place where I was at peace and comfortable with just being me. Eventually I realised that it was the energy of the area of mass tourism and insensitive crowd that I wanted to escape from and I didn’t take any more risks with the bus trips after that.


I went for 2 trips and they were the same experience. The bus ticket was around €20 to both places which meant approx. €80 return for the two together which was way too much for a negative experience so I spent most of my time in the capital instead with a warm tea in my hands sitting alone on one of the benches by the beach watching the surfers.

Just to give you an idea regard the prices: on El Hierro one-way bus ride on the whole island costs €1.14. On Tenerife from my accommodation in the north to Tenerife south airport was under €10. On Gran Canaria from the capital to the south was €20.


(I tried to stay away from the city centre and was looking for abandoned places, lol)


A local chica, Monica, who I met on El Hierro and have stayed in touch since, drove me up to Roque Nublo where I felt I was on TOP OF THE WORLD. As we were leaving behind the city on the steep curvy road heading higher up on the mountain my soul started to feel freer and more at peace. I could clearly sense that the energy was changing and I started to be much more of my life loving self again.

I didn’t like the noise, the traffic and crowd of people in the city. I didn’t even sleep well because my accommodation was next to a petrol station and loud neighbours, plus there was a constant machine sound blowing from the roof which very much annoyed me. My room had no window, plus it was dark and smelly. On the Airbnb profile this accommodation looked charming with character but in reality it could easily be a prison cell. I sensed a lot of sadness, emotional pain at this place and I cried every day during my stay. Maybe sad things happened here in the past that I picked upon or something was going on with my twin? I could not tell but they didn't feel to be my own feelings.

Roque Nublo (=Clouded Rock, Rock in the Clouds) is a volcanic rock that was formed by a volcanic eruption around 4.5 million years ago. It is 67 m (220 ft) tall, and its top is 1,813 m (5,948 ft) above sea level.

Wow! Beautiful energies, lights and view. So beautiful that I don’t even try to explain it with words just let the photos and the video speak instead. Thank you, Monica for bringing me up here! It was great to do a little hike, climb on the cliffs and watch the sunset from above the clouds. And thank you for preparing an extra jumper for me for the night! That came very handy when the sun went down and the temperature dropped.



My spiritual experience

I'd say because there are a lot of business, advertising, tourism going on on Gran Canaria, which requires communication, it makes sense why this is the communication centre therefore the Throat chakra island.

And in the spiritual context:

The Throat chakra = 5th chakra is the first of the 3 spiritual chakras. To be open and aligned in the 5th chakra is to speak, listen and express ourselves from a higher form of communication. The below words are saved as screenshots on my phone so I just upload the photos so that you can read. Unfortunately I don't have the original website saved but if you write Throat chakra in google, you can find many insightful articles and studies on this (and all other) chakras similar to the ones below.

I reached out to my twin on the phone and I could express myself from the heart regard what I felt that time was the block between us. However he didn't validate my feelings, he was not partner in authentic expression. His cold reaction broke me first then I suddenly gained a new perspective and rose above the "beaten down" feeling which empowered me greatly and I stopped crying. I cried every single day before this talk with him on the phone and after expressing my feelings I lost the need to cry. As if my stomach turned stronger or some feeling got healed. Stomach - Solar Plexus. Then later on I found Candace van Dell's video on the connection between "Highly Sensitive People and the Solar Plexus" which helped me understood what really happened within me. ... "Highly sensitive people almost always have solar plexus imbalance...How to heal solar plexus sensitivity/ imbalance? The only way we heal is by getting real about how we feel. ...Feel what you really feel and honour it."

So I managed to express my truth and I'm sure the energies of the island helped me to do so. 😉

See Candace van Dell's video below:

I would like to point out that despite my personal experience (at this time of my life) was not positive on Gran Canaria that shouldn’t discourage you to visit the island and explore it. I was very limited financially by the time I got here and couldn’t discover most part of the island including the green lush mountain side areas where I might have felt happier and more connected emotionally. The city is not bad either! I was just not ready to be part of it again so soon.

Thank you for reading! ♡

Fuerteventura - Third Eye Chakra island