The book '7 islands 7 chakras'

I am happy to announce that I have finally finished the "7 islands 7 chakras" book that kept me busy and motivated for the last 2 months. Interestingly I got drawn to wear my yellow jumper as uniform throughout the "making" process and as many of you know yellow is the colour of the Solar Plexus chakra.


"Our ability to be confident and in control of our lives"

I couldn't be happier with the result when I received the sample print! The quality of the paper and the design helped bring the most out of the photos adding extra charm, beauty and style to the content. It felt special to hold my work in my hand after the many arduous hours of digital work at my vintage macbook (from 2007!). The only reason I use this old computer over my new one is because it has all my creative editing softwares that are not compatible with the newer version of macbooks. It is not healthy yet working loyally together with me on my ideas. It has a very loud fan and it often overheats so I have to give it a rest time to time to cool it. It also has screen problems and missing buttons. It's a real hero and I am super grateful that it didn't let me down during the book making period! I thanked its help every day and treated it with patience which was hard during times when I could barely see the details of my work on the screen. But we made it through! :)

Do you want to hear something kooky? During my research for the book I found out that the name Islas Canarias (Canary Islands) is likely derived from the Latin name Canariae Insulae, meaning "Islands of the Dogs". At the same time the new Wes Anderson movie "Isle of Dogs" was in cinemas that I watched in London a day before I flew to Hungary. I also found out that 2018 is the year of the Dog in Chinese horoscope (thanks for my mum who left out the yearly horoscope booklets in my room) and my sign is a Dog. A reiki practitioner once told me that I was a star child probably from Sirius which is colloquially known as the "Dog Star". I am also turning 36 this year and as I mentioned in one of my previous posts 36/9 are my Life Purpose numbers so 2018 may very well be a special year for me and I am excited to be here!


If you are interested in the 7 islands 7 chakras book, you can support the print on kickstarter crowdfunding website where I have registered the project in order to be able to print bulk amount and share my journey with many of you out there. Please share it and spread it widely! I'd be forever grateful for your help! Also if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me here or in email:

Here is the link where you can find much more info and donate in return of receiving a book:

And here are some photos of the sample book below:

From the next post I will write in details about my journey on each islands and how they are connected to the chakras spicing it up with many inspiring photos.

What else is happening with me?

I am thinking of going to Iceland as my next travel adventure but first I need to make some money. With the help of my friend I am now starting a summer job in Budapest. I wanted something not too mind occupying, close to nature, possibly next to an open-air pool (because summers are extremely hot in the city!) and no air conditioning. All of my requirements are fulfilled with the position as my workplace is literally next to the pool that is situated within a lovely wellness hotel which is in a beautiful green, foresty environment and there is no air conditioning here. Great manifestation!

Twin Flame.

I don't feel I need to continue sharing my TF journey. It has lost its meaning to me. But to my biggest surprise my twin called me 2 days ago and we talked. We mainly talked about his 'dark knight of the soul'. I felt as if he had been a stranger from the past and there was still no show from his side that he cared about me. So we agreed that he was going to call me at least twice a month to practise showing interest in me & in us which would mean we'd start to build the trust back and we'd start to get to know each other again. As funny as it sounds.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time! ♡