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I am going home

Sudden turn of events... If my situation was a tarot card, it would be The Tower. er.

If I think about it, I would not say it was sudden as I felt it coming for quite some time e.g. I knew from the beginning, regard the flat I was renting on the island, that it was in a much worse condition than what they made me pay for and my relationship with my landlady was not honest and healthy.

Her = ego based, stiff, closed, narrow minded, money orientated

Me = soul based, loving, giving, open minded, humanitarian

But I had a bigger dream and I was willing to overlook her sneaky behaviour. I used to say that the people didn't support me being here but the Universe did! I recognised the signs.

In mid-March my idea of staying on the island to heal, finish my writing project and start a new way of living in a nature close environment crashed within a week. I needed to move out from the flat, where I would have stayed for only one month longer, and life comes in and decides otherwise. I had one week to find another roof above my head or a temporary solution. My neighbour was a legend helping me looking for another house but nothing is available for my budget among the very few opportunities in not even inspiring or practical locations (with a supermarket and bus stop nearby as I don't have a car). Apparently there is a film crew have booked 50 houses to occupy on the island for 6 months leaving very few opportunities for those looking to re-locate. My neighbour (the legend!) has been planning to move out too for much longer time than I am but haven't found another home suitable for his and his truck's needs. We developed a great friendship that made him postpone his moving plans but now that I have left he has re-started his house search. WHEN YOU ARE SURROUNDED WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE, YOU BENEFIT FROM THE RIGHT ENERGY & POSITIVE VIBRATION THAT PUTS YOU IN POWERFUL ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR TRUE SELF THAT BRIGHTENS UP YOUR WORLD LEADING YOU TOWARD NEW POSSIBILITIES.

During that week while my neighbour and I drove around the island looking for other flats I started to feel that I should be somewhere else and I wasn't that disappointed in not finding a new house. I was more leaning toward hiring a car to sleep in temporarily than moving in a new house. I admit that I had been wanting to try to live out from a car since I gained my confidence in driving on the islands. That freedom and adventure that comes with aimlessly driving around the beautiful landscape singing along with the radio, being wherever you want in nature (as most of the island is uninhabited beautiful nature), falling asleep for the sound of the waves or cricket chirping under the starry sky and wake up for the first dim of light excites my little Hungarian body for a long time. However it was Semana Santa (Easter holiday) which meant that the 4 car hire companies operating on the island had no available cars whatsoever to encourage ideas like this to happen. Eventually I booked the ferry to Tenerife and the flight back to London from there. My seat number on the plane was 36D. 36 are my life purpose numbers and 'D' is the initial of my twin's name. Synchronicity?

Before I left the island I texted my twin to find out if I could couch surf in his room temporarily when I am in London. He wrote back instantly saying he collapsed at work and attended E.R. As soon as he wrote this I understood why things didn't work out on the island and why I was led to fly back to London. To go home to him.

!!!!A 32 year old man just had a nervous breakdown!!!!

I instantly established connection with him and was holding him close to my body to heal him with my love and warmth as much as I could in 5D. I was angry that he didn't look after himself and let such stupid thing happen to his young body. But I didn't focus too much on my feelings, instead I was directing my attention to his feelings. And I could sense that he got scared. In the following days while I was waiting for my connecting flight in Tenerife I tried to apply healing meditation on his headache and I saw big heavy stones in his head and body. While I am working on removing and exploding the stones from the far distance in my imagination (5D), I booked him in for a tension relief massage -with his agreement- and check up on him almost every day. He is still not talking much but he understands that I am not texting him to annoy him but because he matters to me. He has rested and is better now and will already be back at work by the time I arrive in the city. I can't wait to see him and be close to him again!

Now that I look back on the time I spent on the island I would say that I felt guided to be there to heal. To heal what? I am not quite sure but people say twin flames heal the collective energy and also the family line. And listen to this:

❤️ I did do a lot of crying on the lava rocks during my meditations. Out of my control the tears were rolling. Something from deep within.

❤️ I had that powerful shift in mid-February I mention in my previous post that shovelled the last bit of deep hurt (caused by my karmic friend and twin) out of my system and made me feel whole. That time I thought that was the end of my twin flame journey as I felt the chain dropped, the connection between us ended. I felt liberated and ready for a new love. I could look at other men the first time since my twin entered my life 2.5 years ago because his energy exited me. Around this time energy readers on youtube confirmed my experience: the end of the journey, the necessary let go, the new person/ love coming in.

❤️ Soon after this shift happened I had a dream with my mum. We were at my grandma's house and my mum had a tantrum. She was crying and throwing herself on the floor saying "I haven't reached anything in my life!" (My mum is a 67 year old woman) I stepped closer to her and said "But mum, it's not true. You gave birth to me!" Then she calmed down and we walked up together on the *stairs and she went to sleep calmed down on the mezzanine.

*Stairs in dreams:

Dreams about climbing up the stairs relate to progress and moving forward in some area of your waking life.

Stairs represent transition, change and personal growth. When we use them, we make direct contact with our feet. This makes them symbolic of change on a very specific, personal level. Climbing up stairs should be interpreted as ascending to higher levels of consciousness.

I did mention earlier that my mum had a difficult birth experience with me as I got stuck in the birth canal and when I was born I didn't breathe. After all that mess I didn't turn out that bad! :) I am an intelligent, creative, inspiring, warm hearted, good looking young woman who just need to go to the hairdresser anytime soon because my island hair style would call unwanted attention on me in the fashion capital, haha! 😂

To continue...

A week after this dream I went to the internet cafe where I could check the new energy updates on twin flames and I found readers talking about "feminine healing mother wound" and I have found this article:

I find the entire blog overall fantastic on the topic! If you have time take a look by clicking on the link above.

In my case I thought I had already healed issues related to my family but it seems the real soul healing had just happened now. And guess what?! A month later my mum sent an email with signing at the bottom "Mum and Dad". The very first time in my life they sent something together. It had been separate before: one from dad and one from mum/ one to dad and one to mum. And! :)

So I have to say...

...I don't have to but I'm going to 😄... it was all about soul healing that was the purpose of staying on the island and not about me finishing my writing project. However the writing continues where ever I will be next as I still feel it is important part of me and my life journey.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time! ♡

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