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Connection and Healing

I've got my first mosquito bite! But I am not going to celebrate it, haha! Haven't had mosquito bites in ages as mosquitos are rare to see in London. No warm summer, no mosquitos.

Everything is magical, beautiful, and peaceful on the farm. I feel connected and recharged among the animals, the plants, and my warm-hearted hosts: Maritza and Pedro. I want to be their daughter and live here! :) Sorry mum and dad! :) :) Do hens sing? Because some of the hens' 'cluck cluck' reminds me of singing. Experimental velvety aria-like singing. I also hear them chatting. Or gossiping? Not sure what they do. And, oh my god, the roosters wake me up every morning at different times between 4 am & 8 am which I haven't got used to yet.

Today I could help myself with mangos and prickly pears or by the other name cactus berry fruit. The latter is rich in vitamin C which I need to keep up my health and I can't be happier to get them organic straight from nature. 🌵 They look perfect in their imperfect shapes and colours which makes them real and healthy. Just like humans: imperfect = real with different shapes and colours.

There are 6 kiddie cats who are very shy but they do come to me when they smell I cook something. Yes, the wonder of having an outside kitchen! :) I love them though! (and the ants too...) They don't come too close, they are just around me meowing. There are 2x black kittens, 3x black & white kittens and 1x ginger kitten. I only saw the ginger kitten from the third day as she is extremely shy hiding between the plants. As I can see she is the weakest physically, the least confident, the slowest, the outcast from the 6. She's used to not having food left and just licking the bowl after the other cats. This ginger kitten doesn't meow. She is not a fighter. She is patient and calm. She stays in the background. And what seems to be her disadvantage now, may be her advantage later as she learns to be alone instead of being reliant to others, find food in alternative ways, know the good hiding places that she may need in case of feeling danger. I can see her wit! But she needs to eat to become stronger.

The next day I observed her. I gave some chicken to the other kittens and saw her staring at her siblings eating from a distance. I knew she was at least learning that some food was available where I was. She only came cautiously closer when the kittens finished eating and went away. I also came to my room and watched her skinny body step forward from inside. As soon as she saw me or heard my steps or the other cats on the gravel path she ran away. She has her hiding place under the deck chair where she waited for me or the other cats to go away. I thought I put some food there for her but it was hard when she ran away as soon as I came closer and to find the time when the other cats are not around. I noticed, however, that she was sniffing. The other cats turned up, saw the food, and were meowing for more. If they didn't get more they left. The ginger kitten was sniffing from afar and could find the places where the food was previously. It took her a while as she was very slow and cautious but her nose led her. I needed to come up with a plan to distract the other kittens and/ or hide food for her where the other cats don't see so that she can find it with the help of her nose. I felt so deeply for this kitten and wanted to help! Eventually, my first-day attempt to feed her was unsuccessful but we learned about each other which was already progress.

She showed up on the following day. Still far in the background but I knew she came back because she wanted to see if she could have food. I sat down on the ground opposite her about 3 metres away. I thought I would practise telepathy/ building a connection and talk to her in 5D. We looked at each other and I was talking to her first with feelings just creating a warm, trusting channel between us. Not sure how to explain what I did. I was just focusing on the feeling of love and trust that I have grown for her within me. I feel this vibration/ energy (not sure what to call it) in my chest area and stomach. After the "love channel" was set up in a minute or so I was talking to her saying encouraging words like "we'll come up with a plan" "I am here for you" "We'll have some chickens later but I need you to do your part and come closer to the food" "You are brave, you are smart, you can do it!" Something like this. And my eyes turned teary which means I do feel for this kitten. I also noticed that something is not okay with her left eye. She doesn't open it fully. It can be an infection developing slowly.

Later that day I gave a bit of chicken again to the other cats when she was around and threw some from a distance to her hiding place where she was waiting and watching the other cats eating but she ran away again. By the time she came back the other cats had eaten up her portion from under the deck chair too. The other cats are physically much stronger and faster. She can't compete with them. I didn't know what else I could do. I let it go for a while. I sat at the table in my outside kitchen doing some writing on my laptop and started cooking my next chicken stock. In a couple of hours I saw that the ginger cat was still sitting and waiting under the deck chair behind me. The other cats were not around so I took advantage of this moment and placed some chicken on the floor whereas I moved back to the other end of the kitchen out of her sight. And bingo! Finally she moved forward slowly but successfully and managed to eat the food. How interesting that I let go and after a few hours it happened. And I think the kitten knew it would happen! That's why she was sitting behind me.

Around dinner time we played the same game. The other cats went to eat to my hosts' house but the ginger cat stayed with me. How smart she was! She knew that she would not have a chance to grab a bite next to the other cats over there. She stayed around me instead. I realised the situation so I quickly chopped up some freshly cooked chicken to her and this time I left it on top of the bench fearing the other cats may come here and would see if I place it on the floor. The little cat slowly came closer sniffing hard to find where I put the chicken and she found it! She could eat it up all by herself! I was very proud of her! While she was eating I was sending warmth and loving feelings to her saying how smart, strong and courageous cat she was! ❤️

I was happy that I could feed her twice today and felt relaxed knowing she had some protein (helping the bones and muscles) in her tummy that would make her stronger.

❣️ And listen to this!❣️

Later in the evening I had a painful allergic reaction coming out on the left side around my eye and nose area! Not after, not before, just that day when I created the connection with the ginger cat. Is it possible that the cat's eye problem was coming out on me to heal? Am I a transmuter?? I couldn't wait to see her next day and check her eye!

And yes! She could open her eye fully! Wow! I also managed to feed her again with the same method as I did yesterday. She was vey patient and co-operative with her new found courage. Today she had brown rice with chicken. One of the other kittens were around too so I put some on the floor and some on the bench separately. She also stayed around me and had a comfortable nap on the bench by the table where I was sitting with my laptop (see photo above). She was feeling safe with me now. I send her the feeling of protective love and encouragement through our connection couple of times during the day when I look at her. It is the same how I did with my twin when I felt he needed it. I don't feel I need to send anything to my twin anymore. I am still in the "letting go" phase and now that this kitten has moved in my heart space, my twin is less important and I don't even feel the need to think about him/ us. Maybe this kitten was sent to me to help me to let him go. :) The subject of my heart has changed. The way I let go to try to feed the kitten might be the feeling I need to experience with my twin. Because I did feel a shift with the cat when I let go. I meant it. I haven't felt that with my twin yet and I don't know why. It is something within me... as if I was still expecting him to come back with his truth. That feeling needs to go.. The connection needs to go! I mean the feeling to connect with him needs to go! Am I close? :) I think the cat is helping me! I help the cat and the cat helps me? How interesting! Just now that I write about it, I am putting the pieces together.

Anyways on the third day of our meeting the ginger cat seemed much more confident and came closer to me. Now she comes to the kitchen and looks at me or wait under the table until I put some food down. She is eating with the company of the other kittens and has learned to use her paw to keep the others away from snatching her bits. She also seems more playful! I have seen her play fighting with the other kittens. She still gets some big catty paw push and when I see it I tell her that "You have to learn to protect yourself!". I say it to her eyes. I think she didn't do it previously because she was too weak physically and didn't have energy. But now she is gaining her strength and I have also heard her meow! She is speaking up! Good girl! :) What a progress!

She is now snoring next to me on the bench while I am writing these lines. However I don't want to spoil her and I don't let her come too close (I haven't stroke her yet and I am not going to!) as I am only staying temporarily here and I don't want her to get use to me. I continue helping her to become stronger until I am here, in both in 3D and 5D but she has to eat with the other kittens if they are around which helps her to learn to protect her share of the food and help the others to accept that she is part of the gang too. She will probably grow in the next 2 weeks and I will see if she learns to fit in. I can still see that she is not eating with the other cats when my host gives them food which makes her rely on me but I don't want to create a habit so I may not give her food every day to encourage her to push herself forward to the bowl when my host puts the food out for them.

Unfortunately her eye problem is back. Sometimes she can open her eye fully and sometimes she can't. Tonight I see it a bit red after she ate goat cheese and I am thinking dairy products are bad options for humans if struggle with infection or inflammation some kind so maybe the cat reacts the same way. I wish I had apple cider vinegar! I've just found this helpful article: "Some of these products can help treat mild cat eye infections in case of conjunctivitis and secondary bacterial infections of cat eyes. There have been reports of owners healing their cats from eye problems upon rubbing one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar on their neck." Source:

Until then I continue doing 5D healing on her and if I see permanent result until I am here, I will let you know. :)

Thank you for reading!

Until next time have a nice day everyone! ♡

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