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11 days in Tenerife

I stayed in Punta Prieta at an Airbnb accommodation in the home of a lovely and helpful Spanish woman. She hardly spoke English and I don't speak Spanish but we managed to communicate the most important things. I downloaded an English-Spanish translator on my phone which is very handy however I hardly used it as I could find everything that I wanted just by discovering and did pick up a few words and expressions which were enough for me.


Let's do some numerology!

I stayed here for 11 days. The bus number that stops in the village is 111. The house number was 29 and 2+9=11. Amazing! I have to say though that when I see 111 it means that there is a third party involved or just lingering around. Not necessarily physically but it can be another person in my twin's life in either his head or heart. With either thinking and/or feeling positive or negative ways for her.


36 was my gate number at the airport. 36/9 (3+6=9) are my life purpose numbers according to the book The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman.


This place was good for a warm-up but somehow I didn't feel it was THE right place for me. It was quiet and I had my privacy which I wanted but somehow I was lacking comfort and peace. It was a very windy part of the island. Strong and aggressive. The rumbling waves landed with a loud crash on the cliffs next to the house and most days I could not enjoy a relaxing balcony time with writing or eating. I didn't have a kitchen so I ended up spending more on food than what I wanted. I tried to stay loyal to my healthy diet which didn't happen every day but still proud of myself for the way I managed! I also spent more money on taking the bus regularly as the shop in the neighbourhood town was too far. It was an hour's walk. Plus even walking from the shop to the bus stop was 30 mins uphill in the burning sun which was not fun with carrying the heavy bags at the same time. Perfect natural sauna and gym though! :)

The village was very small with mainly elderly around and I felt the nearby beaches were for the local closed community. I could not blend. So I took the bus to a further place called Radazul where the vibe was much more for my taste. It is a nicer and bigger beach with wooden panels and massive rocks to lay my towel on. Thus the black volcanic beach sand would not stain it. There were not many people on the beach and I felt more at home, free, and open here. The water was calm and the shore was wider. I loved that I could swim and say hello to the hundreds of small fishes swimming around me in the mesmerizing clear blue water. I found a shop on the way and I could buy a few things here to take home with me. At the end of my stay, I calculated my spending and I spent more money on food and travelling in 11 days than last year for 22 days in Boca Cangrejo which is another coastal village in Tenerife. Wow, just realized the double numbers: 11 and 22.

I have to admit that I really love the island feeling and the slow-paced Mediterranean lifestyle! The energies around here serve my soul better than the energies in the fast-paced city. When I was lying like a dead whale (haha!) on the rock while the sun rays were tickling my skin with their warmth, I could totally switch off. I mean totally! I felt energetically more free-flowing, I am sure some blockages have disappeared from within me! The sun was my blanket and I stretched comfortably underneath it like a child without my bikini top on. Yes, most women are topless here regardless of their sizes, shapes, or ages. And all of them are sexy with their natural look and tanned skin-smelling suncream! Isn't suncream one of the best smells in the world? :) It comes with happiness, love, warmth, fun, and good memories. If I was a man, I would be in trouble among all these topless beauties! I feared for a moment what would men think of my asymmetric breasts but the power of the collective feminine energies convinced me that I would be just fine the way I was. I felt safe and protected with these strong natural feminine energies undoubtedly. Naturally powerful. Nature is powerful. Amazing feeling! Men are used to seeing boobs here, I guess. It comes with the 'beach' culture. They may look around and check out the girls but they don't stare. If they do it, they do in a harmless way, with respect and childlike curiosity. They are just men. :) They are visual. They love girls and shapes. They appreciate feminine beauty. I felt safe and not bothered for a moment by anybody when I was topless. I also look around and check other women's figures and breasts, for a different harmless reason though, but I appreciate beauty too! Beauty is inspiring! And I also scan men's bodies if they look handsome...with binoculars! Haha...just kidding. I mean I do scan handsome men's bodies but not with binoculars, not yet, maybe later when I am an old woman, lol! 😄

It is something about these women's reflection and confidence that attracted me to drop my bikini top off. I was curious about the feeling! I wanted to test myself and push my boundaries. Do I dare? In my country (hello Hungary) people are critical and judgemental and make you feel bad about your confidence. But not living in my country for over 11 years I could leave behind the old way of thinking/ living typical of my culture that affected my upbringing. The old conditioning, right? So happy that I could be open to exploring and learning through new experiences that helped me to expand my soul, vision, and mind!

Anyways let's speak topless! When I first took my bikini top off I put an extra amount of suntan lotion on my boobs as they had not seen the sun for over 25 years (I am calculating the time from my age 5 but not sure when exactly I started to wear swimsuits. I didn't have bikinis as a child) and applied the protective cream more regularly than I did on my other body parts! My boobs did get burned though and after 3 days they turned very itchy. I'd say after the first week they were all right again. Lavender water brings calming and healing relief to the sun-exposed skin which I used on my sunburnt breasts. I brought this and other natural handmade oils & beauty elixir from Hungary that I applied on my sensitive skin and I can prove from personal experience that they indeed work miracles. I am not a fan of cosmetic products which contain chemicals and perfume as I believe we are living organisms being part of nature and need no other than what nature provides us. And the natural scents of the oils and the lavender made me feel very sensual & sexy. It hit me strongly.

The website I ordered the natural rich oils and lavender water:

How did I feel when I was topless on the beach for the first time?

I felt liberated! I felt free! I felt sexy! I felt beautiful! I felt powerful! I felt I could owe my feminine power to seemingly being more vulnerable. F A N T A S T I C experience! I felt great letting my breasts breathe fresh air and that they didn't get sweaty under the dry bikini top (it happens to me with bras too) or pruney under the wet bikini top which makes me feel utterly uncomfortable. Later on, I did turn somewhat angry at men they oppressed us women by creating restrictions against the way we, women, are. Why men can just be the way they are and we women need to adapt to beauty and social standards? Who created these standards? Why were women considered to be dirt centuries ago and men were not? Why women were taught to hide their private parts and who told them it was unacceptable to enjoy nudity and sex the way men were allowed to do? Lots of questions were raised in me. I don't follow news about the rising power of feminism and the nipple movement and I am not quite familiar with the history either. But here on the island, after I went topless I started to understand why it is important for us women to demand equal rights to men. Just by this ridiculous act of getting rid of my bikini top, I felt as if I opened an important door on my chest through which hidden feelings could come out and I got filled up with pure joy. I also got angry that this joy was kept away from me for 33 years because of the rules of social behaviour I was simply born into. Thus never before have I questioned what girls and women are allowed and expected to do and act, it is understandable these limitations seemed to be "normal" to me. Just now I understood that I could have been freer than what I had considered being already free. It took me 33 years to ask these questions:

  • Why do I have to cover my breasts and men don't cover their hairy chests? Some men have bigger breasts than me and they walk around like kings.

  • Does it have something to do with the animal urge for sex and because female breasts turn them on? If so, why don't they take a chill pill for their hormones instead of me covering my breasts?

  • If they feel so natural and free being half naked why don't they want the same feeling for their beloved girlfriend/ wife to experience? Unless they don't think about how some women could actually feel because they never had to wear bras and they can not feel sympathy for something they never experienced.. Like I didn't use to be half naked as I didn't think of it as an option until recently when I tried! That's why women should speak up and just do what they want. Don't let men just see us! Let them hear us!

Now I don't want to wear a bikini top ever again!

I understand if women wear bikini tops for practical and/ or fashion reasons (there are amazing swimwear designs available in every new summer season) but I want it to be our choice and not the conditioning or fear that makes us stop experiencing the freedom and power of vulnerability that comes with being bear breasted.

Our ❤️ heart chakra is situated in the centre of our chest where the lungs, heart, thymus, and breasts are. According to Chinese medicine, our lungs represent the family. We connect the heart with the feeling of love and the breasts are the pillows of the heart. If we cover our breasts, we cover our feelings. The lungs are connected to the feeling of grief. Many of us may go through emotional pain without being aware of it because we were born into this feeling as "normal" or we have been feeling it for so long that it has turned into "normal". Maybe we can help ourselves by taking off all the layers, literally or figuratively, to expose our chest (go naked with the truth) and bring those feelings to the surface to heal and let go. I also wonder why breast cancer suddenly in the past few years became an epidemic illness among women. Do we hide and carry some heavy feelings passed on from generation to generation without knowing about it? Think about your grandmother and your great grandmother and your great great grandmother etc. What did they have to endure in their lives? Losses and sadness, wars and bad treatment by dominant men. All the fear, the feeling of helplessness, unworthiness, the feeling of "dirt". Energy doesn't disappear, it transforms. If we carried these negative energies, they have by now, after generations, transformed into physical weaknesses and ailments. All of it is within us: our great great great grandmother's fear, grief, etc. The women in our families who were not heard just seen. The women whose feelings were despised and unrecognized. So there must be an energetic connection that created the blocks and illnesses in our bodies.

Are there women out there who are not accepted by letting their feelings be shown and heard? Is it because our male-dominant society labels feelings as weaknesses, and feelings as unnecessary or annoying? And why is it that when women give birth to babies nobody asks about how they feel and just adore the baby instead? It is a BIG deal! Women need to share their experiences and feelings that come with their journey in order to stay healthy. No more hiding! If your loved ones don't listen, they are not your loved ones.

"Women were designed for babies and men were designed for themselves."

The harsh truth. Even in the animal world the males usually leave and the females are left to bring up their babies. Women need to stop expecting the happily ever after and embrace their own power of making themselves happy and content. With respect to masculine energy, we shall accept that our health and happiness are not dependent on the men in our lives.

Try regularly open up your chest. Let your breasts breathe some fresh air and care about them with tender massage, why not? Let the airflow through them. Experiment with breathing exercises and with that let the energy change in your chest area. If you can, go to Tenerife, the heart chakra island where the volcanic energies are so powerful that it helps to open up the heart chakra. And take that bikini top off! Allow yourself to enjoy life without barriers!

A little bit of extra about my Tenerife experience:

- Lots of people smoke on the beaches which I didn't like as I love the natural smell of the sea (even if it smells like dead fish!)

- Spanish people put sugar in everything! (no offense!) I wanted plain yogurt and I only found plain yogurt with sugar. Also if you buy smoothie/coffee better to let them know you want it without sugar (sin azúcar por favor) just in case. There are lots of unhealthy, processed, sugary food in the small shops despite the weather condition on the island seems to be great for fresh organic produces. I might have found more healthy choices in bigger towns

- Many bus stops are located on the sides of the highway and buses come in every 30 mins at least that was the case in the area where I was

- The bus to the next town was €1.45; to both Radazul and Santa Cruz (the capital) was €4.10 and through the South airport to Los Cristianos was €6.05

And you can watch a youtube video with my trip to Radazul and underwater video clips:

Until next time have a nice day everyone! ♡

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