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Travel with me through the screen

7 islands 7 chakras

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If you are interested in the Canary Islands and a little bit of spirituality, you will enjoy learning about my travel experience. During the 90-minute session (give or take), you will pick up information about the Canary Islands, the chakras, and the connection between the two. There are 7 main chakras in our bodies and 7 main islands on the Canaries. Each island is connected to one of the chakras. 

I am going to share my personal story, inspiring travel photos & videos, and local myths along with introductory information on the chakra system and its importance in our bodies. You can learn about the possibility of self-healing and about the simple but rich, outdoorsy life on the islands. It's a friendly chat where you can ask questions and share your own story too. 


Please contact me with your request for booking this online experience HERE. In the body of your email please include:

  • your name

  • your time zone

  • desired date

  • suitable time slot

  • number of participants

The online experience is presented on Google Meet or Zoom. I will provide the links no later than a day before the meeting. Individual and group bookings are both welcome. In the case of a group booking, the number of participants can not be more than 10.


£15 per person

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Please contact me before your purchase HERE just to make sure I am available on your requested date and time.

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An additional book can be posted to the participants' addresses for a discounted price (£7) after the session. You can look inside the book HERE 

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